Tell Us A Tale Tunes

13 May 2012

Theme: Happy Mother’s Day/The Milk Carton Kids LIVE

[Format: Song, Artist, CD, Label]

Mama’s Blues, Little Mo Mc’Coury, Little Mo’ McCoury, McCoury Music

Mommy Says No, Asylum Street Spankers, Mommy Says No, Yellow Dog Records

Old Mother Hubbard, Ella Fitzgerald, Miss Ella’s Playhouse, Verve

Mother Goose Songs, Burl Ives, … Sings Little White Duck, Columbia

My Mother Ran Away Today, Barry Louis Polisar, Naughty Songs for Boys and Girls, Rainbow Morning Music

Mom Said, “No”, I Said, “Why?”, Barry Louis Polisar, Family Trip, Rainbow Morning Music

Your Mama Don’t Care, Jan Smith, Tom Proutt, Jeff Vogelgesang and Gerald Soriano LIVE on Tell Us A Tale, 2004


To hear the stories below, visit the Tell Us A Tale Past Stories Page, where they will be available in RealAudio through Saturday, May 19, 2012.

Mother’s Day Inspired Tales…

Nanny Goat and the Seven Little Kids,a Brothers Grimm tale
Author: Eric A. Kimmel (retold by)
Illustrator: Janet Stevens
Publisher: Holiday House; ISBN 0-823-40789-6

Song: The Goat
Artist: Burl Ives

Heckedy Peg, an English tale
Author: Audrey Wood (retold by)
Illustrator: Don Wood
Publisher: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich; ISBN 0-152-33678-8

Song: Marie Laveau
Artists: Nickeltown (live on Tell Us A Tale)

Where the Wild Things Are
Author: Maurice Sendak
Illustrator: Maurice Sendak
Publisher: Harper Collins; ISBN 0-060-25492-0

Song/Album: Wild Thing
Artists: Sugar Beats

Lazy Jack, an English tale
Author: Vivian French (retold by)
Illustrator: Russell Ayto
Publisher: Candlewick Press; ISBN 1-564-02130-0

Song: Mama Don’t Allow
Artists: Doc & Merle Watson
CD: Remembering Merle

How the Stars Fell Into the Sky, a Navajo legend
Author: Jerrie Oughton (retold by)
Illustrator: Lisa Desimini
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin; ISBN 0-395-58798-0

Musical Bed: R. Carlos Nakai, Desert Dance

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