Tell Us A Tale Tunes

16 June 2013


Theme: Dogs

[Format: Song, Artist, CD, Label]

Old Blue, Sam Hinton, Whoever Shall Have Some Good Peanuts, Smithsonian Folkways Recordings

Bear Hunt, Pete Seeger, Birds Beasts Bugs and Fishes, Smithsonian Folkways Recordings

Let’s Go Huntin’, Tim O’Brien, Cornbread Nation, Sugarhill

Run Pete Run, Jimmy Martin, Best of the Best, King Records

Ole Lonesome George The Basset, Tommy Cash (Various), I Love: Tom T. Hall’s Songs Of Fox Hollow, Red Beet

Old Shep, Red Foley, Country Music Hall Of Fame: Red Foley, MCA Records

Old Yeller, Music of Disney: Legacy in Song, Walt Disney

Old Dog Trey, Rowlf the Dog, Ol’ Brown Ears is Back, Jim Henson

Lonely Dog Tango, Gunnar Madsen, Ants in My Pants, G-Spot (City Hall)

Little Brown Dog, Taj Mahal, Songs For the Young at Heart, Music For Little People

How Much is That Doggie in the Window?, The Persuasions, On the Good Ship Lollipop, Music For Little People

Walkin’ the Dog, Rufus Thomas, A Child’s Celebration of Soul, Music For Little People

I Wanna Be a Dog, Barry Louis Polisar, Old Dogs, New Tricks, Rainbow Morning Music

Our Dog Bernard, Purple Mums, We’re Not Kidding (A Tribute to Barry Louis Polisar), Rainbow Morning Music

Bingo, Fox and Branch, Mama Don’t Allow, Doodleywag

Bulldog and Bullfrog, Teresa Hamm, Sit Down and Sing!, Self

Walkin’ the Dog, Dan Zanes and the Rubi Theater Company, Catch That Train, Festival Five Records


To hear the stories below, visit the Tell Us A Tale Past Stories Page, where they will be available in RealAudio through Saturday, 22 June, 2013.


The Relatives Came
Author: Cynthia Rylant
Illustrator: Stephen Gammell
Publisher: Simon & Schuster; ISBN 0-027-77220-9

Musical Bed: Jeff Vogelgesang, On the Lam

Song: Family Revival
Artist: John McCutcheon
CD: Family Garden

The Star Maiden, an Ojibway tale
Author: Barbara Juster Esbensen (retold by)
Illustrator: Helen K. Davie
Publisher: Little, Brown; ISBN 0-316-24951-3

Musical Bed: R. Carlos Nakai, Desert Dance

Song: Meteors (The Perseid)
Artist: John McCutcheon
CD: Summersongs

Elinda Who Danced in the Sky, an Estonian folktale
Author: Lynn Moroney (retold by)
Illustrator: Veg Reisberg
Publisher: Children’s Press; ISBN 0-892-39066-2

Musical Bed: Belá Fleck, Perpetual Motion

Song: Aurora
Artist: John McCutcheon
CD: Wintersongs

The Giving Tree
Author: Shel Silverstein
Illustrator: Shel Silverstein
Publisher: Harper Collins; ISBN 0-060-25665-6

Song: Branching Out
Artist: John Gorka
CD: Kids Cars & Campfires

Wind Says Good Night
Author: Katy Rydell
Adapted from: David Jorgensen
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin; ISBN 0-395-60474-5

Song: Hush
Artists: Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer
CD: Pillowfull of Wishes

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