Tell Us A Tale Tunes

19 June 2011

Theme: Name Game

[Format: Song, Artist, CD, Label]

Cindy, Jeff Vogelgesang, Jan Smith, Tom Proutt and Gerald Soriano, Live on Tell Us A Tale

Pecos Bill, Buck Howdy, Giddyup, Prairie Dog Entertainment

Sweet Betsy From Pike, Riders in the Sky,  Saddle Pals, Rounder

Barefoot Nellie, Little Mo Mc’Coury, Little Mo Mc’Coury, McCoury Music

A Horse Named Bill, Jerry Garcia and David Grisman, Not For Kids Only, Acoustic Disc

Cushie Butterfield, Sting, Every Child Deserves a Lifetime, Shout Factory

Cotton Eyed Joe, New Lost City Ramblers, Old Timey Songs For Children, Smithsonian Folkways Recordings

Molly the Donkey, The Nields, Rock All Day, Rock All Night, Mercy House

Bob and Bob, Trout Fishing in America, Merry Fishes To All, Trout Records

Big Bad John, Buck Howdy, Giddyup, Prairie Dog Entertainment

Melinda the Mousie, Ella Fitzgerald, Miss Ella’s Playhouse, Verve

Proud Mary, Ike and Tina Turner, A Child’s Celebration of Soul, Music For Little People

Run Molly Run, Sweet Honey in the Rock, I Got Shoes, Music For Little People

Charlie Brown, The Coasters, A Child’s Celebration of Rock n’ Roll, Music For Little People

Liza Jane, The Mountain Ramblers, Songs of the South: American Folk Songs For Children, Vol. 4, Atlantic/Wea

B.B. King, B.B. King with Bert, Benny Rabbit, Big Bird and Baby Bear, Songs From the Street: 35 Years of Music, Koch Records

You and I and George, Rowlf the Dog, Ol’ Brown Ears is Back, Jim Henson


To hear the stories below, visit the Tell Us A Tale Past Stories Page, where they will be available in RealAudio through Saturday, 25 June, 2011.


Hansel and Gretel, a Brothers Grimm tale
Storyteller: Peter Jones (retold by)
Actress: Jen Hoffman
Whistler: Browning Porter

Medley: Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead/If I Only Had a Brain
Artists: Nickeltown (live on Tell Us A Tale)

Boots and the Glass Mountain, a Norwegian tale
Author: Claire Martin (retold by)
Illustrator: Gennady Spirin
Publisher: Dial Books; ISBN 0-803-71110-7

Musical Bed: John Bullard, Bach on the Banjo

Puss in Boots, a French tale
Author: Charles Perrault, translated by Malcolm Arthur
Illustrator: Fred Marcellino
Publisher: Farrar, Straus, Giroux; ISBN 0-374-36160-6

Song: There’s No Substitute For a Cat
Artist: Barry Louis Polisar
CD: Songs for Well Behaved Children

Prince Sparrow
Author: Mordecai Gerstein
Illustrator: Mordecai Gerstein
Publisher: Four Winds Press; ISBN 0-590-07907-7

Song: Our Next-Door Neighbor
Artist: Tom Chapin
CD: In My Hometown

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