Tell Us A Tale Tunes

20 June 2010

Theme: Summertime Travelin’

[Format: Song, Artist, CD, Label]

Riding in My Car, Woody Guthrie, Smithsonian Folkways Children’s Collection, Smithsonian Folkways

Route 66, Chuck Berry, Songs for the Car, Universal

18 Wheels on the Big Rig, Trout Fishing in America, Mine!, Trout Records

Late Night Radio, Greg Brown, Bathtub Blues, Red House Records

Sea Cruise, Frankie Ford,  A Child’s Celebration of Rock n’ Roll, Music For Little People

Strike the Bell, Dan Zanes, Sea Music, Festival Five Records

Sail Away Ladies, Nobody’s Darlin’, Ditties For Kiddies, Little Kids Rock

Drunken Sailor/Fiddle Tunes, Paul Kelly & Richard Durrant, Oliver Unleashed on British Isles, Walking Oliver

Come Take a Trip in My Airship, Natalie Merchant, Every Child Deserves a Lifetime, Shout Factory

Magic Carpet Ride, Uncle Rock, (Putumayo Kids Presents) Rock & Roll Playground, Putumayo

Barefootin’, Robert Parker, A Child’s Celebration of Soul, Music For Little People

Get on the Good Foot, James Brown, A Child’s Celebration of Soul, Music For Little People

Tennessee Wig Walk, Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem, Ranky Tanky, Signature Sounds

Mango Walk, John Langstaff, Songs For Singing Children, Revels Records

The Happy Wanderer, Bill Staines, Kids, Cars and Campfires, Red House

The Blue Danube, Spike Jones, The Very Worst of Spike Jones, Nimbus Records

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