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What is Tell Us A Tale, and where do the tunes fit in?

Posted in Uncategorized by tellusataletunes on February 21, 2010

Storytelling and so much more...

Heard on stations all over the world, Tell Us A Tale, while technically a children’s program, is so much more. Offering stories, tales and tunes collected from six of the seven continents (still working on Antarctica), this program appeals to listeners of all ages. So whether you are three years old getting an allowance, waiting tables in college, drawing a pension or collecting social security, gather ’round the radio each week for Tell Us A Tale!

While we have a website for you to hear each week’s stories and tales in streaming RealAudio®, along with some listener favorites in mp3, we want to also share the tunes selected for the different weekly themes.  Hence this blog…

The most current week’s playlist will be at the top of the list to your right.  The rest of the playlists are chronological starting at the beginning of 2010.  We will eventually get earlier years posted as well.