Tell Us A Tale Tunes

27 February 2011

Theme: Live From the Tell Us A Tale Studios…

2011 Grammy nominee Justin Roberts, along with his band, The Not Ready For Naptime Players, will be coming by Tell Us A Tale next week. So to help get everyone ready for some great live music and stories, I thought this week we would listen to a few past live performances from the Tell Us A Tale studio.

Paradise, Jan Smith, Jeff Vogelgesang, Tom Proutt and Gerald Soriano (Nov 2004)

Pig in a Pen, Jeff Vogelgesang, Jan Smith, Tom Proutt, Fred Boyce (Nov 2001)

Where Will You Be, Sara Watkins (Sept 2010)

Billy in the Lowground, Seth Swingle (Aug 2010)

Sail Away Ladies, Seth Swingle (Aug 2010)

Fireworks (18th century tune for gourd banjo), Joe Ayers (Sept 2010)

From the Bach Cello Suites, Matt Haimovitz (Oct 2007)

Rappin’ Backwards, Nickeltown (Apr 2003)

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead/If I Only Had a Brain Medley, Nickeltown (Nov 2003)

Swingin’ in the Saddle, Buck Howdy and BB (May 2007)

Earl’s Breakdown, King Wilkie (May 2003)

Roll in My Sweet Baby’s Arms, King Wilkie (May 2003)

Flowers Are Red, Tom Chapin (Apr 2006)

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