Tell Us A Tale Tunes

31 March 2013

April Fools!

Theme: Silly Tales & Tunes

[Format: Song, Artist, CD, Label]

Don’t Wipe Your Face With Your Shirt, The Cornell Hurd Band, The Bottle Let Me Down, Bloodshot Records

Little Red Riding Hood, Freakwater, The Bottle Let Me Down, Bloodshot Records

Funky Butt, Devil in a Woodpile, The Bottle Let Me Down, Bloodshot Records

Chicken Lips and Lizard Hips, Bruce Springsteen, Every Child Deserves a Lifetime, Shout Factory

Boogers, Asylum Street Spankers, Mommy Says No!, Yellow Dog Records

Drip Drip Drip, Spike Jones, The Very Worst of Spike Jones, Nimbus Records

Arkansas Traveler, Jerry Garcia and David Grisman, Not For Kids Only, Acoustic Disc

Let’s All Sing a Yodeling Song, Riders in the Sky, cELLAbration, Smithsonian Folkways Recordings

I am My Own Grandpa, Chet Atkins, A Child’s Celebration of Silliest Songs, Music For Little People


To hear the stories below, visit the Tell Us A Tale Past Stories Page, where they will be available in RealAudio through Saturday, 13 April, 2013.

Silly Tales…

Things Could Be Worse, an old Yiddish tale
Storyteller: Peter Jones (adapted by)
Actress: Jen Hoffman

Song: Papa’s on the Housetop
Artists: Tim and Mollie O’Brien

Mule Eggs
Author: Cynthia DeFelice
Illustrator: Mike Shenon
Publisher: Orchard Books; ISBN 0-531-06843-9

Song: Old Grey Mule
Artist: Pete Seeger
CD: Birds, Beasts, Bugs and Fishes (Little and Big)

Fearless Jack, an Appalachian Jack tale
Author: Paul Brett Johnson (retold by)
Illustrator: Paul Brett Johnson
Publisher: Margaret K. Elderberry Books; ISBN 0-689-83296-6

Song: Old Dan Tucker
Artists: Laurie Lewis and Tom Rozum
CD: Guest House

Feathers, a legend of Chelm
Author: Ruth Gordon (retold by)
Illustrator: Lydia Dabcovich
Publisher: Macmillan; ISBN 0-027-36511-5

Song: Splish Splash
Artist: Bobby Darin

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