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28 August 2011

VA Folklife Director
Jon Lohman
visits Tell Us A Tale
Sunday August 28, 2011, 12:30-1:00 pm
Virginia Folklife Director Jon Lohman

Virginia Folklife Director Jon Lohman stopped by Tell Us A Tale during the first hour this Sunday to talk about the upcoming Apprenticeship Showcase on Sunday, September 11 from Noon to 5pm at the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities in Charlottesville. Jon brought in recordings from some of the artists taking part in the day’s festivities.

The Folklife Apprenticeship Program, which is funded by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, helps to ensure that Virginia’s treasured folkways continue to receive new life and vibrancy, engage new learners, and reinvigorate master practitioners.

VA Folklife Apprentice Showcase

Please join them in welcoming the 2011-2012 class at the Apprenticeship Showcase on Sunday, September 11 from Noon to 5pm at the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities:

  • Master Banjo player Sammy Shelor of Patrick County and apprentice Ashley Nale
  • Master Cobbler David Young and apprentice Yvonne Young of Waynesboro
  • Master of Oyster Aquaculture Dudley Biddlecomb of Northumberland County and apprentice Peter Hedlund
  • Master Cheesemaker Gail Hobbs-Page of Albemarle County and apprentice Kyle Kilduff
  • Master Shape Note Singers John del Re and Kelly Macklin of Clarke County and apprentices John Alexander and Diane Ober
  • Master Autoharp maker and player John Hollandsworth and apprentice Sam Gleaves of Montgomery County
  • Master Mongolian Mask Maker Gankhuyag Natsag and apprentice Zanabazar Gankhuyag of Arlington County
  • Master Caribbean Carnival Costume Maker Earl Blake and apprentice Scotie Blake of Hampton

The Apprenticeship Showcase also will recognize the graduating class of master artists and their apprentices:

  • Master Menhaden Chantey Singers Elton Smith Jr., Edward Taylor, William Muse, Lloyd Hill, Christopher Harvey, and James U. Carter and apprentice Lewis R. Blackwell Jr. of King and Queen County
  • Master Clawhammer Banjo player Emily Spencer and apprentices Amanda and Kilby Spencer of Grayson County
  • Master of Galax-Style Dulcimer Phyllis Gaskins and apprentice Blue O’Connell of Rockingham County
  • Master Grist Miller Bill Savage and apprentice Bob Savage of Accomack County
  • Master of Persian Classical Music Nader Majd and apprentice Ali Analouei of Fairfax County
  • Master Flatpick Guitarist Steve Kilby and apprentice Leah Hall of Grayson County
  • Master Instrument Maker Randal Eller and apprentice Drew Plowman of Smyth County
  • Master of Traditional Forestry Jason Rutledge and apprentices Melanie Carrier and Adam B. Greene of Floyd County

Please join them for this free festival featuring the music, food, and crafts of the Commonwealth. This year’s Showcase also sees the return of Frances Davis, the “fried apple pie lady,” and the Brunswick Stewmasters. The stewmasters will make 300 quarts of their delicious Brunswick stew on site, and new this year, they will offer take-home quarts for sale, with all proceeds benefiting the Virginia Folklife Program. The event is free and open to the public. Children and families are welcome. RSVPs are encouraged.

The Virginia Foundation for the Humanities is located next to the Boar’s Head Inn, 145 Ednam Drive, off Route 250 West in Charlottesville. For more information, call 434-924-3296.


Theme: New School Year…

[Format: Song, Artist, CD, Label]

Intercom Morning Announcements, Bill Harley, Lunchroom Tales: A Natural History of the Cafetorium, Round River Records

You Only Love Me For My Lunchbox, Asylum Street Spankers, Mommy Says No, Yellow Dog Records

Why I Pack My Lunch, Trout Fishing in America, It’s a Puzzle, Trout Records

The Cowboy’s ABC, Riders in the Sky,  Saddle Pals, Rounder

C is For Cookie, Cookie Monster, Songs From the Street: 35 Years of Music, Koch Records

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, Woody Guthrie, Songs to Grow on for Mother and Child, Smithsonian Folkways Recordings

18 Wheels on a Big Rig, Trout Fishing in America, Mine!, Trout Records

If You Have a Child Who Complains All the Time, Barry Louis Polisar,  Old Enough To Know Better, Rainbow Morning Music

I Don’t Wanna Go To School, Barry Louis Polisar, Teachers’s Favorites, Rainbow Morning Music

Late For School Blues, Rita Coolidge, Big Blues, Music For Little People

My Name is Cheech the School Bus Driver, Cheech Marin, A Child’s Celebration of Silliest Songs, Music For Little People


To hear the stories below, visit the Tell Us A Tale Past Stories Page, where they will be available in RealAudio through Saturday, 3 September, 2011.

Miss Nelson Is Missing
Author: Harry Allard
Illustrator: James Marshall
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin; ISBN 0-395-25296-2

Song: I’ve Got a Teacher, She’s So Mean
Artist: Barry Louis Polisar
CD: Teacher’s Favorites

Author: Erik Kraft
Illustrator: Denise Brunkus
Publisher: Bridgewater Books; ISBN 0-8167-4544-7

Song: Why I Pack My Lunch
Artists: Trout Fishing In America
CD: It’s a Puzzle

Too Many Daves (from The Sneetches and Other Stories)
Author: Dr. Seuss
Illustrator: Dr. Seuss
Publisher: Random House; ISBN 0-394-80089-3

Tune: Bob and Bob
Artists: Trout Fishing in America
CD: My Best Day

Wally the Worry-Warthog
Author: Barbara Shook Hazen
Illustrator: Janet Stevens
Publisher: Clarion Books; ISBN 0-899-19896-1

Song: Phobias
Artist: John McCutcheon
CD: Family Garden

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